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JS 240R (7'10")
JS 270R (8'9")

JS 240 (7'10")
JS 270 (8'9")
JS 310 (10'2")
JS 340 (11'2")

JS 380W (12'6")
JS 440W (14'4")
JS 490W (16')

Roll Up models
come with convenient slatted floors.

Sport Boat models have choice of wood floor boards or air deck floor.

Heavy Duty models
come with wood floorboards only.

View floor options here.

All boats made from high-strength thermo-bonded 100 DTEX PVC fabric.

A 5-year warranty is offered by Aquastar.

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Aquastar Inflatable Boats
- Soft Bottoms and RIBs -


Fabric tech specs
A 5 year warranty on the seams and fabrics comes as standard on all Aquastar inflatable boats, with service stations allocated around the country. Aquastar main office in California handles all warranty repairs and after sale service.

Thermo Bonding Technique
Aquastar Inflatables has successfully bonded fabrics using thermo bonding technique. During the bonding process, seams are overlapped a full inch and reinforce with seam tapes. This bonding is done exteriorly and interiorly to provide air tightness and resistance during sudden impacts. Aquastar technique will be incomparable with other techniques used by competitors. Aquastar will provide a 5 year warranty to assure durability and safety for all seams.


Baffles between air chambers
The inner baffles are between air chambers that keep them completely sealed for safety. They are also designed to work as air pressure equalizers between the two air chambers. This will maintain the air pressures around the air chambers evenly.



All Aquastar Inflatables boats are made with Poly vinyl chloride, also known as PVC. This 1000 denier polyester fabric has a special double side PVC coating, giving toughness and durability. PVC fabric offers Ultra Violet light resistance, providing an exceptional protection against aging and discoloration. Fabric resistant to extreme conditions, whether accidentally exposed to heat or spilled with polluted chemicals. The combination of a highly tensile textile and coating, gives a strong protection against tear and abrasion. Aquastar fabrics are easily glued making repair process simple and quick for consumers. In addition, Aquastar confidence with this fabric is reflected with a 5 years warranty.


Plywood Floor
Aquastar boat's floors are made of specially designed marine plywood that is very resistant against pressure. Marine plywood has the qualities to seal strongly between the transom holder and the transom. They have been tested to perform safely holding engines of up to 15 hp. The seats are also made out of marine plywood, they are strong enough that can support weights of up to 2 adults during propulsion movement. In addition, marine plywood is coated with P.U. painting which delivers extra protection against U.V. light, salt water, fuel and oil.


Solid Wood Floorboards
If you intend to go fishing or take an dog or cat with you sailing - wooden floor is the way to go. Protect yourself from unwanted scratches and holes in the material. Just get a Marine plywood floor which is specially designed for marine applications. The marine plywood painted with UV gray resin offers high durability and protection against not only sea water but UV rays, fuel and oil.


Air Deck Inflatable Floor
The advantages of an air floor are its lightweight and ease of use. You can roll up or unroll your boat in a pinch without having to remove or install the floor. Fitting a wood panel floor can be a hassle with some designs, particularly if you’re working on the water or on the deck of a sailboat.

High Pressure Inflatable Air Deck Floor offers impressive rigidity; boat can accelerate faster and attain impressive speed, while requiring less horsepower than comparably sized "hard floor" boats.

All PVC Aquastar boats are made of 1,100 DTEX Military Grade high strength fabric consisting of 5-layer thick construction and double bonded seams. One layer Neoprene, two layers of Nylon, two layers of Strongan fabric for outer strength and an excellent deterrent of ultra-violet rays. Hull features: inflatable keel, heavy-duty marine-grade plywood transom, cast-aluminum engine bracket and one-way drain valve with plug.

Being an inflatable, Aquastar models have an inherently low center of gravity and air all around in the buoyancy tube. If you ever try to capsize it, you'll see it's practically impossible! Whether stationary or cruising, the sport boats are always stable; you can stand up when fishing, children are safe, and mooring alongside a quay is simple.

The buoyancy tube of your Sport boat models is made up of several independent airtight compartments. If one compartment unexpectedly deflates, the others remain inflated, making the Sport boats practically impossible to sink thereby allowing you to return slowly to safety.

Easy to Store
Once deflated and folded, the Sport boats take up about as much space as a medium bag. You can store it in a locker, under the stairs or in a corner of the garage, ready for the next weekend or holidays.

Easy to Launch
...and easy to pull up on to dry land. Like all inflatable boats, the weight of the Sport boats can be up to three times lighter than a comparable rigid boat. You will not hesitate to beach it and spend the day in a beautiful, remote creek.
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