Inflatable boat repair paint for inflatable boats, kayaks and other  inflatable products.
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Inflatable boat paint for repairing old inflatable boats and dinghies to new again

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Satisfied Customer Testimonials
(over 1,200 happy customers and restored inflatables)

Ron Riedemann, Green Bay, WI - "Your product really works and is quite easy to do. It was fun to watch it turn into a new looking inflatable again."
"Thought you might like to see some pictures of my 14 year old Quick Silver inflatable that I just completed reconditioning with your SRC Tuff base and top coat paints. 

I am very pleased with the outcome and it looks great as compared to what it looked like when I started.  I am sure that some of my friends will be ordering your product when they see what you can do with an old inflatable. 

I had one pin hole leak that seemed to seal itself quite well with the base coat.  It has now held its air for about 2 weeks.

Your product really works and is quite easy to do, I found that you do have to take your time, good masking procedures and let it dry well between coats. 

It was kind of fun to watch it turn into a new looking inflatable again.  The Xylene really works well in cleaning up the rubber rub rail that had become very gunky and sticky with the UV, that was a great tip.  Thanks!"

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E. Bloomer, Laguna Hills, Ca - "Just wanted to thank you for the paint.  Youíve saved me thousands on this boat."

"Just wanted to thank you for the paint.  Youíve saved me thousands on this boat.  It would of cost me over $3500.00 for new air tubes.  For under 10% of the cost and just a little work, now I have a new boat.  I was so proud of the job I have to wax the whole boat.  Now it looks great. Best part of all was itís so easy.  If you can use a roller, you can paint a boat.

Great products and Iíve told all my friends with ugly boats about it. You should be getting lots of orders.

Here are some picturess of the boat after I used the paint.  I wished I had taken some pics of before and after. No one would believe me anyway.

Thanks again!"


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Rod Lough, Green Bay, Wis. - "Got the project done and she looks great! Thanks for a great product and all your help."

"I think that the application went fine, and because I am a bit obsessive, I went to over kill on preparation. I used a fiber wheel, used in stripping paint,  that fit on a 18 volt drill and after using the MEK I really worked the boat over, I scuffed it up real good, but not down to the fabric. Then washed it down with hot soapy water, rinsed it, let dry and applied MEK again. I used 3 coats of thinned (according to instruction) base coat, doing the bottom side of each tube  and letting it dry for at lease 24 hours prior to recoating.

Then I did the same thing to the black bottom, flipped it over and did the top of the tubes and the inside of the tubes. Each area was done separate and let dry before moving on to the next section. As the boat was in the basement and it is heated I did not have to rush and I noticed that if the humidity was up it was taking twice as long to dry. I was very satisfied with the base coat results. The boat was then turned back over to expose the bottom and cleaned again with soap & water and rinsed to get the dust and kitty prints off so I could then apply the top coat. I found that you do have to stir the paint even as it is being used!!

The product worked great and the boat looks real nice. It fixed all those LITTLE leaks that I couldn't find no matter how hard I looked. When I got this boat the aft cone was missing and the boat had not been used in 10 years. Even after the repair I could never get that section to hold air for over a day. NOW it does!! The base coat will creep into those pinhole spots and stop the leak even if inflated, or at least I found that to be so."



Other Testimonials

Frank,  Long Island, NY - "Great Product! The results are impressive, Thank You! "  8/25/2003

Martin,  LFI International - "Wow, It is fantastic to see my old boat painted with liquid SRC, the material is completely refurbished -- strong yet flexible I will tell everyone I know about your product!"  8/14/2003

Frank, Everglades City, FL - "Dependable seller and good products. This is my forth purchase of SRC."  08/20/03

Andrew,  Keizer, OR  - "Another great deal has come my way......Happy as a clam at high tide."  07/24/03

Peter, Layfayette, CA - "Great stuff, I'll be needing more!"  05/28/03

Craig, Port Clinton, OH - "Interesting product to save tired inflatables, good seller, item lost & replaced."  05/03/03

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Restore Your Old Inflatable Boat. Renew your old, faded, sticky, deteriorating inflatable boat with this proven synthetic rubber coating. Great for Hypalon and PVC boats of all makes and models.

SRC - Synthetic Rubber Coating - can renew and protect your inflatable by adding a layer of strong, UV resistant synthetic rubber that bonds directly with your existing surface - PVC or Hypalon.

Simply paint SRC Basecoat over your existing material to restore the hypalon or pvc , then apply SRC Topcoat  over the basecoat to add additional protection as well as a beautiful finish to your inflatable boat. SRC coating applies directly on and bonds with your existing material, fixes pinhole leaks, covers exposed and worn fabric and protects from harmful UV damage. Renew your old deteriorating inflatable into a new looking rugged air tight boat.

SRC has done wonders on Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver, Zodiac, and many other inflatables. Add years of pleasure to your investment with SRC.

Each package (kit) contains two one quart cans of product and is enough to do an eight foot dingy. (Order 2 kits to cover up to 14' inflatable). Topcoat is available in silver-gray, cloud white, gloss red, gloss black and orange.