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Product Review For:  Sea Eagle 9.2SR Sport Runabout

Boat/Product Manufacturer: Sea Eagle

Boat/Product Model: 9.2SR Sport Runabout

The Sea Eagle 9.2 Sport Runabout is like riding a motorcycle on water. It zips around with true inflatable sport boat performance, yet it is our smallest sport runabout. Designed to carry up to a 10 HP engine, this boat will travel at 18 mph with one or two people and get you where you are going fast. The 6 inflatable keel cuts through the waves and provides excellent turning performance. The large 15 pontoons provide good buoyancy and greater rigidity. Even though this boat is only 9 2 long, it is still very seaworthy. Best of all, the interlocking polyethylene floorboards create enormous structural strength.

The SE 9.2 SR is a true little speedboat, yet it is very lightweight, compact and easy to assemble. It is perfect for sportsmen and yachtsmen who want a rugged, but lightweight boat. The Sea Eagle 9.2 is a zippy runabout that is easy to carry, easy to assemble and easy to inflate.

Product Description:
Exterior: 9' 2" x 5' 4"
Interior: 6' 1" x 2' 8"
Deflated: 44" x 22" x 10" (hull)
31" x 38" x 4"(floorboards)
Capacity: 4 Adults or 1000 lbs.
Chambers: Four (Port, Starboard, Bow & Keel)
Tube Diameter: 15.5"
Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced
Seam: Quadruple Overlap
Engine Capacity: 10 hp (125 lbs. Max)
Speed estimates:
(with 9.9 hp)
18 mph. with two adults
12 mph. with four adults
Air Valves: Halkey-Roberts
One-Way Valves
Inflation & Assembly time: 15 min.
Weight: 78 lbs (hull)
107 lbs. (w/ floorboards)
Standard Features
  • NMMA Certified
  • Plastic floorboards for easy assembly, long term durability and greater strength
  • 5/8" grab line along sides for safety
  • 6" Inflatable Keel
  • Rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing
  • Splash Guards on transom
  • Two stainless steel d-rings for towing
  • Two Aft Carry handles
  • Front lifting handle
  • Oarlocks pop up for instant use
  • Rubbing Strake around hull and under Keel for extra protection.
  • Two layers of material on lower tubes for greatest abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • One self bailing drain valve
  • Boat Carry Bag included
  • Wide beam hull design for stability
Review Date: April 30, 2003


Sea Eagle 9.2SR Sport Runabout - Product Review Criteria, Comments, Pictures & Score
Criteria Comments Pictures Score
(out of 10)
Initial Packaging & Shipping Good secure shipping boxes and packaging, good anti-chafe pieces for protection. 2 separate boxes - 1 for boat, 1 for floorboards. They were shipped from across North America and arrived intact, still closed and undamaged! 10
Documentation and Instructions Instructions for setting up boat were included although some instructions cover several models which could be confusing for inexperienced or new boaters. Warranty, return forms all included. Model brochures too. Instructions are also online as PDF files - a nice touch. 8
Assembly Readiness Unfold, install floorboards, pump up, attach the seats and go! The interlocking floorboards save time and hassle in installing them - typically the hardest part of assembling an inflatable. (Mouse-over the picture for a close-up) 10
Ease of assembly Inflate two pontoons, the keel, assemble paddles, install the bench seat, attach the bow storage bag and you're ready to go. Easy and quick assembly - took about 15 minutes in total. I liked the way the floorboards interlock - no fumbling with connector bars. The side support stringers were very easy to install  - unlike many inflatables. 9
Design Two air chambers + 1 inflatable keel, 15 1/2" tube diameter for good buoyancy. Bench seat has 2 mounting positions - that's handy for different configurations you may use in your boating activities - rowing or a motor, etc.. Storage bags is handy to help out with gear storage. Wide beams offers good stability. Not sure why there is so much "tubeset" aft of the transom - it tended to cause drag when trying to get up on a plane. However, it does offer added flotation. Not sure why the blunt cone-ends also? Some Sea Eagles have pointed and others blunt. 7
Construction Quality Cold gluing process used - not "thermobonded" like Zodiac and some other brands. Quadruple overlap seams are good for air retention assurance. 1000 denier thick PVC fabric. Common "Halkey Roberts" valves. An inspection found few if any unglued areas or delaminations. The plastic boards seem very strong and durable and likely will last for years without damage or rot. Overall constructions appears well done. (Mouse-over the picture for a close-up) 8
Features Two side and 1 bow carry handles, 2 towing d-rings, a comfortable seat. All equipment, foot pump, repair kit, 2 paddles, repair kit and it all goes in the bow storage bag.  All necessary features of an inflatable boat. Be nice to get the storage bag and the seat in base package. 8
Portability Easily carried by two people. Deflated and easily went into a mini-van with a motor, gas tank, safety gear, etc for transport to the beach. May be awkward to carry/launch it solo though unless you have launching wheels. Good size for easy portability yet carries 4 people and gear. 9
Use Applicability Many good uses as per brochure. Rowing, fishing, exploring, yacht tender and more. Tested with a family of four with some gear and it was a nice fit. 9
Performance Good performance even with only an 8 hp engine (rated 9.9hp. max.). With a full load of 4 people and gear, it was a little difficult to get up on a plane but was accomplished and the boat rode well. With 2 people, a plane was achieved easily and the boat traveled quickly. It turned sharp, responded fast and overall performed well. 8
Stability Very stable and buoyant with its large diameter tubes. Wide beams offers added stability. 2 air chambers plus inflatable keel give it safety in case of puncture - like most inflatables. Seat was very stable during testing as were floorboards. Easy and safe to stand up in for fly-fishing, etc. 9
Maneuverability Turned sharp, responded quickly. Overall good maneuverability. 8
Durability 1000 Denier fabric makes it durable and strong. Dragged over sand and rocky beach with no problems. Anti-chafe patches on full length bottom of tubeset and keel is awesome...and rare. This boat has them! Boat comes with repair kit... just in case. 9
Accessories Usage Seats are comfortable and nice touch to offer 2 different locations for attachment. Storage bag was very handy. Oars are stored on the outer side of the tube - good idea - keeps them out of the boat and the way of passengers and cargo, but they are in the way of the carry handles a little. Lifelines are handy and useful for safety, tying up at the dock, etc. 8
Options & Accessories Several accessories, options and other needed equipment to make the boating experience fun, safe and user-friendly. (See their website for more info on these)   10
Price Starts at $1,149 and goes up for other packages that include more options. Priced very well for a good inflatable boat. One of, if not the least expensive boats for what you get!   9
Warranty 30 Day On-Water Trial (full return if not satisfied after using)
3 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects (repair or no-charge replacement). 3 years is less than the normal 5 years of most manufacturers but they have a great "satisfaction" policy.

Subtotal Score (out of a possible 170 points):



Website Great website with lots of product information and excellent special affects graphics to explain boats, components, and uses. Full product descriptions, features lists, etc. Purchase online - fully e-commerce secure.


Dealer Network Dealer/Service network established but small. But any inflatable dealer will repair any brand these days so maybe not such a big deal? Easy to buy online.   5
Customer Service Toll free number, online service and support. Easy to contact, responsive and helpful. Free catalogue and material swatch mail-out service.   8

Subtotal Score (out of a possible 30 points):



Overall Conclusion Very impressed by its ease of assembly. Has a good overall design (although not clear on the added length of the tubeset aft of transom), easy to row and nice overall appearance. A clean and tidy looking boat with a good finish. Is a fun boat for many possible uses and applications. Handles well even with smaller engines. Several good options to add for different applications. Great price, fair warranty and good service from organization. (Mouse-over the picture for a close-up)

Buy Recommendation?  YES, I would buy this inflatable boat.



Grand Total Score (out of a possible 200 points):



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