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Inflatable boats and Product Reviews

Inflatable Boat and Product Reviews

All product reviews consist of detailed visual inspections/evaluations, hands-on use, and seatrials with performance testing of products. Included are pictures of the full review, and a concise checklist of criteria that we have used to rate products based on several common and important criteria.

All evaluations are done professionally and with unbiased judgments, by industry experts with years of design, manufacturing, and user experience at factory, dealer and consumer levels.

These are not endorsements of manufacturers or their products by All, but simply product reviews for consumers to use as additional guides in researching products. Before purchasing a reviewed product, we highly recommend consumers perform their own research.

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  Product Reviews (with rating score out of a possible 200 points, 100%, and grade of A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D)

Sea Eagle 395PS PaddleSki

(Rating Score:170 for 85.0 % or 'A' rating)

Sea Eagle 9.2SR Sport Runabout

(Rating Score:169 for 84.5 % or 'A-' rating)

More reviews coming soon!


Important Notes

  1. All technical information taken from the manufacturer's websites as they have it listed there.

  2. These reviews are not endorsements of one brand or model over another, but simply information presented based from our evaluations.

  3. Choose an inflatable based on your needs, your budget, your research, local dealer/service availability and other criteria.

  4. All information subject to change without notice. Always review the manufacturer's website before buying.

  5. Do not exceed max. engine HP rating. Always wear life jackets. Boat safely!

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