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Sport Utility Towable
Multi-function Inflatable Sled

The Sport Utility Towable or S.U.T. is the first heavy commercial towable that transforms into three different products. This patent pending product is the last towable that the commercial or recreational user will ever need to buy. It does everything you will ever need a towable to do.

Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT

Load up your S.U.T. transformed into a water trailer. Tow up to 1200 pounds of equipment to your favorite remote campsite behind any PWC or boat with 25 HP or more. When you arrive, unload your S.U.T. and in less then 5 minutes transform it into a swimming platform. Tow it to your favorite cove, anchor it, and enjoy sunbathing or swim recreation. If it’s action you’re looking for, hook it up behind your boat or PWC, transformed as a 6 passenger water sled and head out for some excitement. The S.U.T. can handle any activity. Order options at page bottom.

Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT - Swim Platform
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT - Water Trailer
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT - Water Sled

The Sport Utility Towable was developed and engineered with input from commercial operators and water sports enthusiasts around the world. It was designed to be versatile, portable, easy to assemble, and provide the user with a quality product that would withstand the rigors of recreational or commercial use. Now it is possible for the PWC owner to carry gear and supplies to a remote area, and then transform the product into whatever mode best suits that weekend’s activities. Pontoon boat owners can tow their own private swim deck to be enjoyed while swimming or fishing in that remote cove or lagoon. Or perhaps you want to entertain six friends on a stable side-by-side water sled, or tow them behind your boat while motoring to some remote destination. Order options at page bottom.

Whatever the occasion, the versatile S.U.T. is up to the challenge.

Cargo-Platform surface area: 8’x 4.5‘ 36 Sq. Ft.
Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs
Overall Product Size: 12.6’L x 6.8’ W
Product Height: 2’

Technical Specifications
Max Load
Ship Box Size

SUT - 6 Person
Multi Function Inflatable Sled

8' x 4.5' or 36 Sq. Ft. cargo surface

6 Persons

1200 lbs.

6' 8 "
12' 6"
840 Denier
Box 1: 88 lbs
24"l x 21"w x 15"h

Box 2: 56 lbs
57"l x 20"w x 14"h

Box3: 31 lbs
90"l x 8"w x 3"h

Inflatable specifications:

  • Heavy commercial
  • Five air chambers
  • 840 denier EPDM rubberized nylon material.
  • Stainless steel tow and anchor D-rings and rope toggle.
  • Reinforced foot, seat & knuckle guards.
  • Surface Mats: 100% polypropylene trampoline material. Rated to 775 PSI burst strength.
  • Frame Assembly: 13 gauge galvanized steel. Assembles with stainless steel snap fasteners.
  • Accessories: Includes foot pump, repair kit, swim platform safety pads, rope ladder, tow harness and inflatable carry bag. Hardware carry bag sold separately. Order options at page bottom.
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Assembles in only a few minutes.

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SUT - 6 Person - Side by Side - Multi Function Inflatable
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Action Pictures

Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
The S.U.T. was developed to enable the user to trailer supplies and fuel to reach the most remote areas and spend the weekend.

Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Once you arrive, quickly convert your S.U.T. into whatever product best fits the moment.

Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Multi Function Sport Utility Towable - SUT
Custom storage & carry bags available leading to loads of fun in the sun!

Double Boxed for secure UPS or International shipping.

Questions and Answers

NOTE: Most questions are answered in our owner's manual that comes with all our products.

Q. How long does it take to set the S.U.T. up?
A. It takes about 30 minutes the first time you set up the frame assembly. Once you have done it once, you will have pads and wraps attached and it will be much faster in the future. You can also leave the frame & mat assembly intact while you use the water sled and simply inflate or deflate as you decide to use the different features.

Q. How do I put air in the inflatable?
Inflation only takes about 5 or 6 minutes with a power inflator. These inflators are available at local boat stores or upon request from Aqua Sports. They attach to the battery of your boat or plug into your houseboat generator. The unit does include a billows foot pump for locations that do not have a power source.

Q. How do I load the trailer?
See the "set up" page on this site.

Q. How do I ANCHOR the S.U.T. down when using it as a swim platform?
The S.U.T. has built in D-Rings on the front and back of the unit. Simply drop down a rope with a sand bag or marine anchor from the tie off rings. On windy days, you may also want to tie off to your boat or to a stake on the shore to guard against runaways.

25 hp is the minimum required to pull an S.U.T. with riders. The platform can be pulled by a diver or swimmer with little effort.
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