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Model 6000 Davit System

Hi Pete & Tina,

I would be more than happy to tell you and others how pleased I am with your davit system. I searched the web and looked at a few systems but none can compare to yours. The picture you see here is of my boat on the St Lawrence River this past summer. While we were up there we stopped at a place called Bold Castle. We were just getting ready to leave when a fellow boater notice my dinghy and it's davit support. I had him come onboard and even try it for himself. He was very impressed with it and to the point where he wanted to give me his phone number so that when I got home I could call him with your website. Lucky for him I keep all my paper work for the boat on the boat. I was able to give him all the information he needed to contact you. I can only believe he did along with a few of his boating pals. I will be contacting you because I need to purchase the standoffs for the dinghy. You really need to advertise more on the East Coast. I think your davit system would be a big seller here. It's only a matter of time until I move up to a larger boat and I will be in need of another one of your davits. I'll be sure to call.

Thanks again Paul A. Batz

inflatable boat davit system

Model 6000 Davit System

Hi Pete & Tina,

The "kiss" approach to dingy mounting. "keep it simple stupid"....which is what you offer with the 6000 davit system.

David Eastwood,
TWO SEAS, 32' Island Gypsy.

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Model 2100 Launching Wheels
"After extensive research at inflatable boat shops and the Internet, I believe I have found the "Best Launch Wheels" on the market. I have read reviews of other launch wheels and the stories of how the wheels and struts break or buckle and how they just don't seem to fit or do not raise or lower as touted by the manufacturer. These roll so easily that I can lift the bow of the boat with one finger and move it around, and with the model #2100 quick release, they flip up and down without any problem and plenty of clearance, so much clearance I can leave the motor in the full down position with about five inches to spare from the ground. As far as mounting, a few careful measurements and I was in business. Thanks again for all your assistance in model selection, speedy delivery and quick response."   Keith O.


The wheels arrived fine and look great! They will be installed soon on my Achilles LSI-88 and will get me from my Chevy Avalanche to various river and lake launch sites. The Achilles at 72 # plus gear like fly rod, rod holder, landing net, oars, NRS rowing frame, maybe Yamaha 2hp for lake use, one gallon gas tank, is a little too much weight for me to handle alone. Plus, for example, on the Madison River in Montana, I might drift various 12 mile stretches and have the truck shuttled to the take out point. When I reach there it will invariably be a difficult take out ramp and it will also be difficult carry the inflatable 150 yards or more the where the truck will be parked by the shuttle person. Then the flip down wheels will be very handy to get me clear of the ramp and to the truck where I can unload the gear at leisure, thus saving several trips to the take out ramp. So I am looking forward to using the wheels extensively. They look like top quality.

John Heinrichs

Propeller Guards

I"'m Pete Jones from Concord, New Hampshire (USA)

I'd like to extol the value and merits of your prop guard product. I called recently to order my second one. I have one on my 50 horse pontoon boat, now I'm ordering one for my 15 horse Mariner on my 14 foot Grumman fishing boat. The guard paid for itself 4 times over last summer. I can't wait to get one on our small boat before my two sons hit the water again this year. The guard is about the same price as the blade on my outboard, so it'll pay for itself the first rock my son finds in our river.

They go on easy, stay firm and I really feel my motor is protected. I don't know why you haven't sold one of these for every boat yet. Don't worry, when word gets out, YOU WILL!

Attached you'll find a picture I took recently of the guard on my 50 horse 4 cycle. It's in a foot of snow in our back yard. It's winter here now, but it'll warm up soon and it'll be back in the water then. The prop guard covers the blade all four seasons here at our house and this picture shows it.

Thanks again,"

Pete Jones

"This guard paid for itself 4 times over last summer."

Thanks I received the guard yesterday. It looks great! I hope to install it in the next couple of days. Good to see PRIDE OF CRAFTSMANSHIP IS NOT DEAD.

Thomas Schneider

I have a Yamaha 9.9 HP, 4 stroke high thrust trolling motor on a 24 foot aluminum cabin cruiser. The prop is currently uncovered and I just ate another downrigger line in a high wind today. I would like to guard the prop as this is the fourth time I've wound line.

Doug & Peg Albertson

I lost only 4 mph on the top end but it's already saved me 2 props! Thanks.

Thomas Schneider

Adjustable Seat for Inflatable Boats
"The seat has worked out better than expected. I also added a pair of cushioned folding seats (similar to those in a bass boat). It's far more comfortable than my friend's Zodiac with factory installed seating and certainly less expensive."

C. Douglas Johnson

Engine Stabilizers
Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to let you know I had a chance to run my 12-1/2' portable with the 1000 stabilizer on my Nissan 5hp. I am very happy with the results! I was having some ventilation issues on my rig, which the stabilizer has completely eliminated. In addition, my hole shot has improved and I can maintain planing speed at lower throttle. Yours is the only product I've found that is made specifically for smaller motors and actually fits on my Nissan. Many thanks again for your help.

Todd Voigt


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that since I have installed your Stabilizer to my twin 250hp Yamaha outboard motors on my 30' Grady White Marlin boat, it has made a drastic difference in performance! The aluminum stabilizer planes the 12,000 lb. boat in an instant and allows me to stay up even in lower RPM range, which in the process also increases my cruising range with a more economical fuel consumption. This is to let you know, I am very pleased with the stabilizer and your service.

Fil Jorge
Avante Construction


We tried the stabilizer on the new long shaft 20hp with our new boats yesterday, and found it gave a quicker, flatter acceleration - and no spray. As we are going to go up front with 16 boats (20hp - 35hp Johnsons) we would like to order a dozen. Please advise us on the cost etc., we will be opening May 1st at the Anchor Inn. Thank You.

Blair McLean
The Hoeya Hilton


I'm going to keep the 15 horsepower Evinrude 2 stroke because of its extremly low profile... stealthy for winter duck hunting!!!! I removed and junked the hydrofoil... ready to mount a new model 1000 stabilizer in its place. Bankes boats are right on the money regards transom mounting heights / cavitation plate placement for peak efficiency. Your product functioned flawlessly and dramaticaly enhanced performance on my Yamaha 4 stroke, while the hydrofoil type product, (without ample water above the wing) was rendered totally ineffective and detrimental to performance.
I decided on the 1000 because either model will fit the Evinrude, it will be used on the same boat as the Yamaha with 1000 so i'm opting in favor of it's portability. Thank you very much!!!

Frank Carey


These stabilizers (not to be confused with common hydrofoil type) really enhance performance on the Intruder! With any appropriate power your customers will be amazed. You should definately try a model 1100 on the Dominator... It will make a 25HP act like a 40 but without the increase in fuel.

Frank Carey

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